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Golden-yellow color with a slight amber sheen, in the glass is poured thick and viscous. It smells of ripe yellow fruit, ripe pears and apricots, dried fruit (figs, candied oranges), toasted almonds, anise, cinnamon and exotic spices. It is full-bodied, extremely intense complex flavor, oily texture, sweet tannin flavor backed with enough freshness, long-lasting sweet fruit flavor and exotic spices.


Obtained from organically grown Istrian Malvasia grapes with fermentation with maceration of berries of 4 weeks, after malolactic fermentation is aged partly in new and partly in neutral oak barrels 225L. After 12 months, it goes into the best blend with a part of the wine that matured on the yeast precipitate in stainless steel, and which did not undergo malolactic fermentation, which keeps the balance of a warm body, medium high acidity, but also long-lasting fresh taste and complex combination of fresh fruit. Aroma of stainless steel, and ripe and developed fruity-spicy notes of wood.


Pairing with food


Risotto with shrimp or shrimp, risotto with mushrooms or seasonal vegetables, white fish, but also richer in texture fish such as salmon.
Various pastas with meat or seafood, chicken with cream sauce, grilled vegetables, Istrian fuži with lighter sauces than white meat. It can also be served with stronger or spicy dishes.


Serve at a temperature of 12 – 14 ° C
Variety: Istrian Malvasia 100%
Harvest: 2019
Alc.: 14.0%
Premium white wine
Istria, Croatia
Location: Pianel (Buje hills)
Aging potential: 5-8 years from harvest