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Petillants naturels
Rustic, refreshing, full flavor of squeezed grape juice or like Granny apple and long aftertaste with exceptional freshness, allow for versatility in gastronomic pairing.
The authenticity of the aroma and taste that you can experience at the moment of pressing bunches can now be repeated with the opening of the Veralda Pét Nat 2021, which perfectly expresses the varietal fruitiness and freshness of Teran.
This natural sparkling wine represents the new face of Teran, fluttery and fruity, and for those who taste it, it offers a return to nature and rustic flavors that leave no one indifferent – from opening a bottle to the last drop.


Appearance: Unfiltered with precipitate. Solid, consistent foams.
Color: light pink, raspberry color.
The champenois bottle is filled with 0.75 L and closed with a crown stopper.


Pairing with food


Preferably as an aperitif wine, it is often used to prepare various cocktails. It goes well with light meals, hot chestnuts or specialties and chestnut-based desserts.


Serve at a temperature of 6 ° C
Variety: 100% Teran
Position: Kršin, Catagnri
Harvest: 2021
Alc.: 10.0%
Naturally sparkling wine
Istria, Croatia
Position: Kršin, Catagnri
Aging potential: 1-2 years after final bottling