Brut Nature


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Méthode traditionelle, Vintage
A blend of two Istrian varieties – Istrian Malvasia and Teran. Aging on yeast sediment in a bottle for at least 24 months.
Salmon colored with an amber sheen. Perlage is small and durable. The aroma is intense with a pronounced fruity note of ripe apples, grapefruit and a delicate scent of yeast obtained through long aging in the bottle.
The taste is quite fresh and fruity with pronounced raspberry notes, harmonious and well balanced. In addition to fruity notes, there are also notes of bread crust. The charm of the tiny perlage is extended by the velvety refreshment in the mouth, which is complemented by the pronounced fruitiness, and the prolonged persistence is characteristic of this sparkling wine.


Pairing with food


Therefore, this sparkling wine is desirable as an aperitif wine or sparkling wine for lighter appetizers and dishes, various types of sushi specialties.


Serve at 8-10 ° C.
Variety: Teran 50%, Malvasia 50%
Vintage: 2016
Alc.: 11.5%
Istria, Croatia
Location: Veralda, Kršin (Buje hills)
Aging potential: 2-3 years after final bottling


IWC 2021, London